Allison Ramirez joins us as Programa Velasco's new In-Country Director in El Salvador. She previously worked with another non-profit in El Salvador where she served as a monitoring and evaluation specialist for a violence prevention program. 

We are so grateful for Erica, her companionship, committment, and joy that she has shared with Programa Velasco and ANADES over the last two years. Programa Velasco is a more professional and sustainable organization due to Erica's project implementation and management skills, innovative ideas, and generous spirit.

Parents build a retaining wall in a forested area near the center to prevent a landslide.Each month, the child development center hosts a parent meeting or Escuela Familiar to discuss a variety of topics related to early childhood education, family development, and social-emotional learning. During this month's particular meeting, the purpose was related but with a twist - a cleaning session of a forested area adjacent to the playground and the center.

On July 16th, the children came to school with sneakers and name tags on and with a water bottle and snack placed in their backpacks, ready for the field trip to the zoo. They had been spending the last several weeks learning about a variety of wild animals, and now they were going to have a chance to see those animals in person!

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