Doctors, engineers, nurses, bakers, firefighters, police officers, and even a photojournalist! Kids dressed up as different professionals as part of last week’s theme, "Professions and Trades".

"What can I give to others?"

This is a question Stephanie asks herself a lot. She is the newest member of the team and started working at the beginning of May as a lead teacher, with a focus on improving the pedagogy at the Child Development Center.


This week we are happy to introduce you to Mateo Alexander, a 4 year-old preschool student - who always greets with a hug and by saying, “Buenos Dias!” or “Buenas Tardes”

 "Artisanal jewelry takes on our human side. It's a way of life.” This is how Evelyn described her business of making hand crafted jewelry since she stopped working in a maquila. She left the maquila job due to the high levels of stress and exhaustion that were negatively affecting her health.

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