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Steffany is the newest addition to our Programa Velasco team! She is studying Social Communications at the Universidad Centroamericana “José Simeón Cañas”.  Upon first meeting Steffany, she expressed her enthusiasm to start applying the knowledge she gained from her studies into a work setting like Programa Velasco. From that initial meeting, we knew that Steffany would bring her passion and knowledge into the role of Communications intern at Programa Velasco. 

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When asked about her motivation for joining Programa Velasco, Steffany said, “I’m motivated knowing that my work here can help women and children overcome obstacles by providing them with the opportunities to grow.”

Steffany has her own goals and dreams for the future, some of which have sparked her interest for working in social services: “My biggest aspiration is to work in service of other people; individuals that, with a little bit of help, are able to contribute to the lives of other people.”

Steffany has integrated herself well into our team, stating that she feels that everyone at PV has “received [her] with open arms and [she] feels a grand sense of harmony within the team.”

We are happy to hear how comfortable Steffany feels at Programa Velasco, and extremely excited to have her as a part of our continually growing team!

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