Meet Fernando!

 Fernando is the newest member of our team, and he will work hand in hand with Diego, our Strategy Coordinator, as a Program Monitoring and Evaluation Intern.

Fernando is currently completing his third year in Marketing at the Central American University "José Simeón Cañas" (UCA). Fer is a cheerful, friendly, reliable, and empathetic person - all of which will serve him well when working with the women and children of our programs!

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Fer's motivation to join Programa Velasco was inspired by his desire to not only grow professionally, but also personally, as he believes that becoming involved with organizations like Programa Velasco sheds light on the reality for many Salvadoran families live. Fer is someone who naturally connects
with the people around him, and he creates an atmosphere of trust for people to start a conversation with him. We have no doubt that he will transmit this feeling of safety and trust to the community members that we serve.

When asked about how he felt becoming a member of Programa Velasco, he responded, "It is gratifying to know that there are people who care about the current reality of our country and are trying to generate a positive change with their actions. I have learned about their programs and noticed the impact it has had on the women of San Ramón and their families.The people who work at PV and ANADES are committed to their work. Their dedication to their work and to the community members they serve is palpable; it's like a family,and they make you feel part of it."

One of his goals for the future is to learn new skills that make him grow as a person and that allow him to help the people who need it the most. He intends to work towards building a better El Salvador for the future.

Programa Velasco is thrilled he is joining the team!

Welcome, Fer!


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