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We are in the final stretch of the year. The entrepreneurs have spent a lot of time learning more tools and skills to grow their businesses so they can achieve more economic stability for their businesses and families. The Women's Empowerment Project it is not just about PV facilitating workshops and finishing there, it is just as important to measure if the entrepreneurs have grasped and understood the most important issues. And if not, we give feedback to help reinforce certain subjects or skills. 

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An important tool that we use to measure their knowledge and understanding is through a community workshop called “a replica.” The entrepreneurs ‘replicate’ or share their knowledge and practices that they acquired in the WEP’s workshops and activities. They become the teachers and pass along what they have learned to a public audience.
On September 22, the entrepreneurs hosted a ‘replica’ with nearly 30 people! Two groups shared what they have learned about the two main componets of the WEP, personal empowerment and economic empowerment.

The main focus of the personal empowerment approach was "Gender Equity." They discussed the difference between sex and gender, gender equity and equality, gender stereotypes and values of solidarity and community. The focus of economic empowerment was "Budget and Savings." They explained how to create and follow a family budget, the types of savings, such as: formal and informal savings, family savings and emergency savings.

Each group presented wonderfully! They knew how to instruct each topic very well and they interacted and created a very positive space for the audience. They strengthened values and attitudes such as: trust, companionship, teamwork and perseverance. The entrepreneurs have shown us how capable they can be! All of us in PV are extremely proud of each of them. We can’t wait to see them as successful businesswomen.

Do you want to be a part of making this possible? Please consider making a donation! We can’t do this alone! Thank you!



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