Ohio high school delegations

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Last week Moeller High School and Mount Notre Dame High School from Cincinnati, Ohio visited us.


Wednesday morning the first group learned about our projects and then Lilian demonstrated how she makes her natural exfoliants while sharing about her experience with the Women’s Empowerment Project. Next they did an interactive activity with Nery, from the ANADES team, about the role of the father in the family. To wrap up the day we visited Silvia who is a mechanic and mom of one of our scholarship students, Kevin, to hear her story.













Thursday the second half of the group joined us at the center. They also learned about our programs and then practiced their Spanish skills with our psychologist, Fatima, and curriculum director, Stephanie. Fatima and Stephanie shared about their work at the center and demonstrated some of the lessons they give the students. We played name games with the parachute and read a very important book about the body and consent that they read to the children. Following a quick debrief about the story and its importance in empowering students to speak out against sexual abuse we headed out into the community to visit some of the women entrepreneurs. Esmeralda showed us her massage therapy office and raffled off one of her rose soaps. Blanca shared about her experience with the project and we got to enjoy the fruit of her labor, delicious sorbet. Sonia invited us into her beauty salon and demonstrated the work she does and shared her experience. Thank you, ladies!













>And a big thank you to Moeller and MND for all of your questions and interest in understanding the reality of El Salvador. Enjoy the rest of your experience!

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