Meet Ariana Elizabeth!

Ariana's just turn five and she's very cheerful and curious. She has been a student at the Child Development Center since she was 2 years old. She is always very excited for what she’ll learn in school!

Her teacher, Carolina, told us that Ariana is a very confident child, she expresses her emotions, doubts and ideas with great conviction. She likes to play ‘make believe’ and imitate roles of people close to her. She is very creative and cooperative! Ariana lives with her dad, younger brother and mother, Isaura. Isaura is an entrepreneur who participated in the Women's Empowerment Project a couple of years ago and is now part of a Savings and Lending Collective with other women entrepreneurs. 

Isaura, told us that Ariana has gained new skills and has learned a lot more this school year. We asked her to give us an example and this is what she said: "This year she learned about her rights as a child and she expresses them with great certainty." We are so thrilled that Ariana is becoming more confident and knowledgeable!

Isaura is very grateful for the scholarship Ariana has received, for the type of education she has and for the support and training for her business. Isaura has seen the positive results in Ariana’s holistic development and in her business’ growth - which is due to the training and knowledge she received in the Women’s Empowerment Project.

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