Fernando is the newest member of our team, and he will work hand in hand with Diego, our Strategy Coordinator, as a Program Monitoring and Evaluation Intern.

Fernando is currently completing his third year in Marketing at the Central American University "José Simeón Cañas" (UCA). Fer is a cheerful, friendly, reliable, and empathetic person - all of which will serve him well when working with the women and children of our programs!

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We are in the final stretch of the year. The entrepreneurs have spent a lot of time learning more tools and skills to grow their businesses so they can achieve more economic stability for their businesses and families. The Women's Empowerment Project it is not just about PV facilitating workshops and finishing there, it is just as important to measure if the entrepreneurs have grasped and understood the most important issues. And if not, we give feedback to help reinforce certain subjects or skills. 

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Rogelia is one of the entrepreneurs in the Women’s Empowerment Project (WEP). Believe it or not, she and the other participants will be graduating this year! Before time gets away from us, we’d like to tell you more about her so you can appreciate her and her efforts just like all of us on the Programa Velasco team.

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Para.BlogDiego is Programa Velasco’s newest member on our team - he is our new Strategy Coordinator. And, believe it or not, he is very good with “strategic” kinds of stuff! ;) (This is a little phrase that he likes to use as a joke).

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