“Worker” is the word that best defines Maria Julia. Her childhood was like that of many children in El Salvador - since she was 9 she, she worked selling fruit at the market with her father. Currently, she sells fried fruits, vegetables and sweets in the center of the San Ramón.


Flor is the newest member of Programa Velasco!

As you can tell from Esmeralda’s smile, she radiates a deep sense of kindness and joy. She is a very gentile and gains the trust of those around her. These interpersonal skills have enabled Esmeralda to be very successful in her massage therapy business.

Margarita is one of the 31 entrepreneurs in our 2017 Women’s Empowerment Project. This is her first year participating. She lives and works in San Ramón and is the mother of a 13-year-old son. Margarita runs a convenience store out of her mother's home.

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