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Case Management    

The social worker supports families to manage difficulties by assisting them to get specialized care, advocating on their behalf, and meeting with them regularily. 


The psychologist provides individual and group counseling services to the children and their families.



Monthly Parent Meetings

Parents and caregivers participate in workshops that orient them on healthy practices for raising their children.

Research on Trauma & Resiliency Inform our Practice

Programa Velasco works to develop mental health services and protocols centered on healing and that utilize research and trauma-informed practices. To understand the mental health needs of the San Ramón community, we surveyed parents and entrepreneurs using the Adverse Childhood Experiences

Here is our report with the results!

For an even deeper dive, check out this analysis.

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  1. Monthly Parent Meetings
  2. Counseling
  3. Social Work
escuelafamiliar Once a month, the parents or other caregivers gather at the child development center for a meeting with the teachers and support staff.  These meetings serve as a means of educating the parents on themes, such as positive discipline techniques, health, hygiene, nutrition, and the legal rights of children and adolescents. They also learn about the education methodology used at the center and activities they can do at home to further facilitate their children's the intellectual development.
A guest speaker, the psychologist, or the social worker will facilitate the workshops with a participative methodology so that the parents actively engage in this learning process. These workshops provide a wealth of information and guidelines that parents would not receive elsewhere. escuelafam

Extreme poverty and deadly violence victimize without warning and result in an increase in behavioral and psychological issues. In spite of this reality, the Salvadoran government does not provide enough access to basic mental health services. For example, the World Health Organization found that the Ministry of Health only directs 1% of funding to mental health care.

The numbers indicate that mental health services are practically non-existent, which further prevents the recovery of those with mental illnesses. Programa Velasco takes on the responsibility of providing access to mental health care so that the community can begin to dismantle the culture of powerlessness and irresponsibility so prevalent in El Salvador.

escuelafam La psicóloga se esfuerza para apoyar a los/as niños/as que tienen dificultades emocionales, de aprendizaje y de conduta, muchos de los cuales vienen de barrios controlados por pandillas y de situaciones de abuso dómestico. Para interrumpir el ciclo de violencia física y verbal, ella trabaja individualmente con ciertos niños y niñas, utilizando técnicas que les ayudan a comunicar o expresar artísticamente sus sentimentos y, asi, mejorar su sociabilidad y su comprensión intelectual. También se reúne con sus padres individualmente o en grupo con la esperanza de que eso contribuya a la salud de su niño o niña a largo plazo.
trabajosocialThe social worker genuinely empathizes with very different needs: parents going through a separation or the loss of a job, children acting aggressively in the classroom, parents struggling to make payments to the center on time, and more through case management services.

The social worker especially wears many different hats in order to balance these varied needs. She enrolls new students, assesses the families' financial situations, assists in the facilitation of the monthly parents´ meetings as well as meets with people in moments of grief and crisis.  She works in a team with the psychologist and Education Program Coordinator and meets weekly with teachers to learn a more comprehensive understanding of the situation of each child and family and so be better able to support them. The social worker's main focus, while juggling all of these tasks, is to ensure the well-being of children at the center. Therefore, it is vital that she keep in good communication with the families and staff.
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