From societal level problems to individual solutions.

Programa Velasco’s families and entrepreneurs most often face these four aspects of the Salvadoran reality:

Intervene with Opportunities

Our programs interrupt these cycles to intervene with opportunities and skills so people are more educated and empowered to make changes in their lives, families, and businesses.

In partnership with a local non-profit ANADES (The New Dawn Association of El Salvador) and their Center for Early Childhood Development, PV provides children from impoverished backgrounds (aged two to six years old) access to a transformative, rights-based, hands-on education characterized by a trauma-informed approach. PV provides 50 scholarships so children can access high-quality early education for 11 months of the year. Additionally, our efforts to train and equip teachers and support staff enables them to have the skills and knowledge necessary to meet the children’s comprehensive development and social-emotional needs.
PV supports women entrepreneurs – many of whom are mothers of children in our programs – through a two-year training program called the Women’s Empowerment Project (WEP) and another initiative – a Savings and Lending Collective. Our goal is to empower women personally and professionally to achieve financial independence and create more gender equality in their lives.