7. What benefits will I receive at each level of sponsorship?

As a sponsor with Programa Velasco, we believe the most important benefit of your commitment should be the opportunity to witness your impact and connect with the reality of the people you are supporting in El Salvador. All sponsors will thus receive updates on their sponsored individual or family (frequency depends on your preference) and a handwritten card or letter from the individual/s you are supporting. Additionally, if interested, all sponsors have the opportunity to participate in a video call together with their sponsored individual(s).

Depending on your sponsorship level, you are also eligible to receive a variety of thank you gifts:

  • $25 level: A thank you gift
  • $45 level: A personalized gift
  • $75 level: A thank you gift and a personalized gift
  • $100 level: A thank you gift, a personalized gift, and a special surprise!