Meet Bonnie Berg! 3

Meet Bonnie Berg!

We are so appreciative and joyful to have hosted, Bonnie Berg, one of Programa Velasco´s faithful child sponsors for a full week!

Meet Gracia Maria! 4

Meet Gracia Maria!

A Central American University undergraduate student in Marketing, Gracia María, is currently a volunteer counselor for the women entrepreneurs of the Women’s Empowerment Project (WEP).

Meet Noemy! 5

Meet Noemy!

Noemy is a dynamic entrepreneur who takes initiative to move her business and family forward!

Meet Osiris! 6

Meet Osiris!

This year, as a 6 year old, it’s Osiris last one in the Center. She has been here since she was in the 2 year old class in 2013! She grown and learned so much since then!

Meet Clara! 7

Meet Clara!

“Every day we learn something new” says Clara, to describe her experience within the Women Empowerment Project (WEP).