PV challenges: “Women can’t make decisions about money”

As mentioned in our previous articles within this series, it is common that women in El Salvador are expected to do unpaid work and/or remain at home. According to society, this is the most important role women fulfill. On the other hand, men are seen as the head of the household and the one who […]

What COVID-19 means for women entrepreneurs in the informal sector in El Salvador

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the global economy and El Salvador has been no exception to those effects. The application of measures to prevent and control the spread of the virus required the closure of shops, intense sanitary procedures, as well as the regulation of essential businesses that were required to stay open during the […]

Sandra’s empowerment lesson can’t be found on text books

Sandra is a woman, a mother and an entrepreneur, and although like many women in El Salvador, she has never attended formal school herself, she has taught us so much in her time with the Women’s Empowerment Project (WEP). Having worked since a very young age, Sandra has been making and selling pupusas and tortillas […]

Infographic: The concerning employment reality for +3M Salvadoran women

Because of social, economic and educational inequalities that persist in Salvadoran society today, not all women are able to obtain quality jobs that allow them to generate income and enjoy a decent life.  This can be seen by looking at findings from the 2019 Household and Multiple Purposes Report of El Salvador, which states that […]

COVID-19, quarentine and the effects on entrepreneurs’ mental health

The measures taken to prevent the infection of COVID-19 within Salvadoran populations have been implemented since March, and have gradually caused the majority of business activities to remain on standby. When the entrepreneurs start with the Women’s Empowerment Project we work with the message that they take ownership of their role as an entrepreneur and […]

Our mental health research on ACEs is published

Promoting mental health is another holistic component to lifting up families and women entrepreneurs. To better understand the needs and previous experiences of those we serve, parents, women entrepreneurs, and youth completed the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) survey, which we also adapted to include questions about positive childhood experiences that build resilience and create protection. […]

Training and equipping hospital workers with mental health skills

As the COVID-19 emergency continues, the high levels of stress are negatively impacting the mental health of the Salvadoran population by increasing feelings of fear, anxiety, depression, hopelessness and loneliness. For those on the front lines (police, humanitarian aid, food workers, health care personnel, etc.), they can’t stay home and are rather tasked with taking […]

Angelica’s most significant change

“In workshops, I discovered how to empower myself and I like that. It is wonderful to feel that I can decide what to do and not rely on others to do it for me.”

Learning from the Miller Center

GSBI Ulumni

Out of 120 applicants, Programa Velasco was one of six selected to participate in the 2019 Global Social Benefit Institute Jumpstart Program through the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University. Throughout the  4 month program, GSBI provided PV with a rigorous curriculum and a Silicon Valley volunteer mentor to challenge and inspire […]