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The New Dawn Association of El Salvador (ANADES) is our Salvadoran partner organization! We work in their center and hand-in hand with their staff. They have over 25 years of expereince educating pre-school children, fostering community development, operating an organic farm, and providing health care services to impoverished families. 

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The New Dawn Association of El Salvador, (La Asociacion Nuevo Amanecer de El Salvador, ANADES) emerged in 1986 out of a women's movement in the Christian base community of Zacamil. The women has a desire to transform the suffering and pain of the Civil War into hope and strength. They organized themselves to care for those most vulnerable in the country: the children orphaned because of the military repression. In 1989, they began a program of solidarity for those who were caring for these children, giving them food, clothes, medicine and scholarships to study.

In the following year, ANADES became legally recognized as a Salvadoran non-for-profit organization and was able to open its doors to the first group of 33 children to live and study in the home of Carmen Broz, one of the women of the community, while they began to build the infrastructure for the orphanage. By the time the construction was completed, the war had ended and family members of the orphaned children returned. Therefore, it was no longer necessary to have the center function as an orphanage, so they re-evaluated and decided to have it function as a child development center with the name Centro Hogar Alfonso Acevedo.

Soon after the education program began in 1992, the association expanded its mission to include a health program, originally designed to provide medical attention to the children and also to people in the local community. This program is still in existence with a focus in natural medicine and community health.

In 1996, ANADES also transformed the original solidarity program from one of charitable assistance to families to one of economic development of women of limited resources and gave it the name of the Productive Initiative Project. It is still in function today, but its focus has broadened to include both men and women of rural communities in several departments of El Salvador.

Throughout the years, the spirit of the founding women and Salvadoran martyrs such as Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero and Alfonso Acevedo, has inspired others to dedicate their lives to justice, accompanying the poor and suffering, and improving the harsh reality and limited opportunities. With this motivation the association has grown into 4 main branches: five early education centers throughout the country, community development and organizing in rural and urban areas, two health care clinics, and sustainability through produce from an organic farm.


  • Cow:  Economic Initiatives 
  • Colorful People:  Community Development
  • Yellow Circle:  Organic Farm
  • Red Cross:  Clinic
  • Tedde Bear:  Child Development Center


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